Cupcake Brides

OUR brides are different, they are like cupcakes, in fact. Fun… full of flavor … beautiful… easy going and upbeat. Cupcake brides want great-tasting, gorgeous cupcakes with an anniversary cake at the top, for good luck. Cupcake brides don’t want a showpiece no one can eat. Of course we do “over-the-top” cupcake towers, but even our most glamorous weddings invoke smiles when guests take their first bite. yum.

Dreama Duncan Spence. Photo by Bit of Ivory Photography

Jessica Broda. Photo by Kristi Jo Photography

Morgan Perkins Miller. Photo by Bit of Ivory Photography

Justine Coyle. Photo courtesy of Andi Grant Photography

Ashley Wright Brickner. Photo by Bit of Ivory Photography


Crystal Irwin Taylor. Photo by Hayne Photographers